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Pittsburgh Soda Pop makes premium syrup to use at home.  If you want soda pop that tastes great and makes you proud to serve it, you’ve come to the right place.  Our syrups are naturally sweetened with cane sugar with no added corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

We supply the syrup.  The fizz (sparkling water or seltzer) can be  found at your local grocery store in one liter bottles or use your own home setup to make carbonated water.  It’s that easy.  Be sure to view the “SodaStream Tips” on the menu for using our syrups with this machine.

Are you wondering if the syrups are worth trying?  Just click on the “Testimonials” tab to the left and read what other people are saying.

Making your own soda pop at home is a cinch.  Check out the “Carbonation” tab on the menu to see the different ways and means to carbonate water at home.

$5.99 to $7.99 SPECIAL

Take advantage of shipping up to eight bottles of syrup to any of the 50 states for only $6.99 to $7.99.  Includes Armed Forces AA, AP and AE addresses.

International Sales

Places I’ve shipped to
around the world

Orders of eight 20oz bottles or more will receive a collectible burlap bag as pictured in the Soda Pop Kit page.  A brochure is included too if you want to create your own Soda Pop Kit to give away as a gift and make someone smile.

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